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 Ties of perception

A self-portrait project 

nofar horovitz-the slave-2016.jpg
nofar horovitz-salvation-2016.jpg
nofar horovitz-untitled-2015.jpg
nofar horovitz-untitled II-2016.jpg
nofar horovitz-tied-2016.jpg
nofar horovitz-event horizon -2018.jpg
nofar horovitz-boxed-2016.jpg
nofar horovitz-tangled-2017.jpg
nofar horovitz-viva la revolucion-2017.j
nofar horovitz-ties of perception-2018.j

Ties of perception is an ongoing series of black and white studio and outdoor nude self-portraits.

( a combination of digital and 120mm analog photography )
It is built in a chronological manner to describe the process of growth and dealing with trauma both in the

physical aspect but mainly in the mental aspect.
Being a photographer immersed in the process of recovering from sexual assault brought up the subjects of nude art, body image, womanhood, female empowerment and coping with stress and

trauma to my attention.
I started creating the images from an un uncensored state of mind, with no specific goal but one, to feel better by expressing myself in a wordless manner.
The project is comprised of images taken both in a controlled studio environment using artificial light, and in a wild nature environment.
The combination between the indoor and outdoor images creates symbiosis relationship with a common dominator characterized by harmonic sense of movement.
Amongst that, the process expressed in the project is supported by the progress towards “release”, as taken inthe outdoor images.
I decided to include various types of ropes paint and mirror in the images in order to manifest tension in the relation between the physical and emotional realms.
With that said, the images take the viewer to a very intimate unspoken place that is often taken as rocking, it is my hope that the exposer of the project can bring awareness to the subject and serve in the same way for women who seek understanding.

The project currently includes 20 images available in flexible size, and an optional 3 video art pieces. as an addition to showcasing the artworks, it is optional to host artist talks
regarding the subject of sexual assault and methods

to harness art in general and photography in specific as a tool to rediscover and also heal.
during q&a I would answer questions regarding the work process the engagement with people in a very sensitive situation and the method in which the photographs are taken
also, optional - workshops for local therapists and artists from all disciplines
who wishes to learn how art can be used as a tool in the matter, and learn light and shadow technique, studio work, analog and dark room work, and most importantly photographing
women who art models, guidance, attitude, work ethics, and cultivating a calm and inviting atmosphere.

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