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My name is Nu, I am an art explorer of femininity. Welcome to my shop! Here you will find a selection of my pencil and lens artworks made with creativity, vision and love.
Shop for original figure drawing art for your loved ones or your own collection.
My art is inspired directly by my own personal life experiences, and often serves as a coping and evolution mechanism.
I am guided by the need to explore harmony and motion in a two-dimensional manner.
I absolutely adore the human form, and believe it is the most fascinating phenomenon on earth. I like educating myself about this extraordinary mechanism, which is the human body. This is exactly why I found becoming an intensive care medic and a yoga instructor would further my knowledge about anatomy, physiology and mind body connection, thus further contributing to my art process.
On this website I display my most recent and loved artworks to be sold as high quality prints. The process is easy and comfortable.
Thank you for supporting my art.

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