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Maternity and newborn photography in Israel

search no more .

if you were looking for a photographer that speacializes in both maternity and newborn photography - you have reached to the right place .

My name is Nofar Horovitz and I am an artistic photographer.

I am married to Noam and mother to Ella.

I studied photography at the Camera Obscura School of Art, and established my studio out of great love for art in general and photography in particular.

I thought I would start and tell you how I specialize in pregnancy, family, newborn and feminine photography, but instead I want to tell you about my journey. Like many other starting photographers, I first made my way in photography with a home studio, but very quickly reached the conclusion that in order to provide my clients with maximum privacy, comfort, and full access to all services at the studio, I would have to find a professional studio in a private space that was not in a my home, and as such allow you to enjoy a high quality photography studio, equipped with the leading and most modern equipment, with all possible services and easy accessibility.

Today I am proud to say that Compositzia Studio has become everything I dreamed of and even more, located in Haro'eh Street in central Ramat Gan, the studio is 70 square meters enabling extended family photographs, offering a wide range of costumes and accessories for pregnancy and newborn photographs, with a private space for changing clothes and intimate atmosphere for feminine photographs. It is well lit and air conditioned and of course on the ground floor making it accessible for prams and pregnant woman too.

When I decided that my studio would also be open on weekends, it was because I basically understood that what I am offering is first and foremost an experience. As an experienced photographer in the field, I believe that in order to create a high quality and professional photo book, what is needed is chemistry, a comfortable atmosphere and openness. Therefore, the studio is also open on Fridays and Saturdays! (And to animals as well!!!).

In addition, I believe that being an artist whose work is hung in galleries around the world I have an added value to offer to my clients, years of development in the artistic world provide a different angle alongside accuracy in technical details. And most important is the artistic creation that allows me to provide you with a book that is a unique work of art.

for more details about maternity and newborn sessions , and about the photography packages and outdoor sessions offered - please contact me

052-8691777 Nofar

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