•  For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in art in  general, monochromatic art in particular, and in following the entire art making process myself.

Photography for me is a means of expressing myself and the way in which I see things by reflecting reality in a frame and emphasizing details that allow observers to see the way in which I interpret the environment.

Engaging in art, for me, is not something you reach by chance; you do not study to become an artist. Art for me is a state of mind and a different perspective of our environment.

Working in photographic art constitutes observation, through a unique pair of glasses, of situations in public and personal space, objects and their environmental links. As well as the ability to document as an observer from the side, I find that in photography the possibility of empowering objects by creating alternative environments, sculpturing reality and emphasizing qualities by giving observers a window that allows them to interpret images as they see fit. All these drew me to photography, which I had discovered as a young girl.

My name is Nofar Horovitz, born in 1986. I am a photographer based in Israel,
my projects are created, inspired and are a direct result of my own personal life experiences, and often serve as a coping and evolution mechanism.
I am guided by the need of exploring the gap between reality and physical facts to the

imagination and individual perception.
Photography for me is a remarkable tool that allows me to sculpt my vision into an image,
I appreciate the necessity of light in the picture, and also the lack thereof.
using the relation between light and shadow allows me to create a sense of
harmonic movement within the image, even just as an implied hint.
In my observation of the world, I examine and focus on details that make up the greater picture, and at the same time, I skip various components,
sometimes in a less controlled manner so as to leave gaps,

which viewers can fill in according to their perspectives, thoughts, conclusions and observations.