My name is Nofar Horovitz, born in 1986. I am a photographer based in Israel,
my projects are created, inspired and are a direct result of my own personal life experiences, and often serve as a coping and evolution mechanism.
I am guided by the need of exploring the gap between reality and physical facts to the

imagination and individual perception.
Photography for me is a remarkable tool that allows me to sculpt my vision into an image,
I appreciate the necessity of light in the picture, and also the lack thereof.
using the relation between light and shadow allows me to create a sense of
harmonic movement within the image, even just as an implied hint.
In my observation of the world, I examine and focus on details that make up the greater picture, and at the same time, I skip various components,
sometimes in a less controlled manner so as to leave gaps,

which viewers can fill in according to their perspectives, thoughts, conclusions and observations.

צילומי אומנות, פרוייקטים רחבי היקף ועבודות נוספות של האמנית נופר הורוביץ אשר חלקן כבר נחשפו בתערוכות שונות בארץ ובחו"ל לרכישה ופרטים ניתן לפנות בטלפון או במייל דרך צור קשר 

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